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Prescriptions Policy

We are constantly being asked to control and reduce the ever-increasing cost of the drug budget of the National Health Service. To this end, we try and prescribe drugs by their chemical name (ie generically) except for certain specialist drugs and we constantly review prescriptions so that the best-buy drug can be used in treating any given disease. This means that prescriptions may occasionally change. If you have any doubt about your prescription, please ask to speak to the practice pharmacist or discuss this with the nurse or with your doctor on your next routine visit. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you but anything we can save on the drug budget can be used to treat other medical conditions within the NHS.

Protecting Your Information

The practice has a responsibility to protect your information. Your medical records will only be accessed by members of the practice staff in conjunction with your healthcare.
Information about you will only be given out to other health care professionals in conjunction with your healthcare, ie referral to a consultant at the hospital. You may request in writing that your information is given out to other professionals eg insurance companies and solicitors.

Freedom Of Information - Publication Scheme

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 obliges the practice to produce a Publication Scheme. A Publication Scheme is a guide to the ‘classes’ of information the practice intends to routinely make available.

This scheme is available from reception.

Suggestions & Complaints

We always welcome genuine suggestions for improving the running of the practice and therefore operate a system that enables you to pass on your comments and suggestions. Inevitably there are occasions when surgeries run late, which is due to circumstances beyond our control. Your tolerance and understanding is appreciated if you should need to wait beyond the time of your given appointment. However, as with all general practices, we operate an in-house complaints procedure.
If you experience a dissatisfaction or wish to make a complaint of any kind, please make this known, initially, to the receptionist on duty or to the doctor or nurse during your consultation or ask for a practice complaint leaflet from the reception staff. Your complaint will be dealt with in a prompt and courteous manner by the practice manager in consultation with the GPs if appropriate. If you feel it should be dealt with outside the practice, then PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Services) can be contacted on 01709 423030 or via E mail at

(No reference to complaints is held in patient medical records.)

Zero Tolerance

The practice operates a zero tolerance policy in order to protect staff and patients from unwanted abuse, intimidation and attacks. Violence, abuse and intimidation are a growing concern, either on the telephone or physically within the practice. The doctors and their staff have the right to carry out their duties without fear of being attacked, abused or intimidated. Violent patients will be reported to the police and immediately struck off the practice list. Abusive and intimidating patients will be reported to the practice management team. This could lead to individuals and indeed families being removed from the practice list.

All we ask is that you treat our doctors and practice staff properly - without violence, abuse or intimidation.


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